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Who we are
Evangel Interior design firm with expertise in corporate and commercial interior Office/Shop/Apartment design services Bangladesh.Evangel offers a full range of interior design and interior architectural services which include planning, designing, project decorating services, deriving project costs, supervising, quality control, budget monitoring and coordination of the entire project.
Hello !!
Need inspiration for design or decorating your home, office, commercial project, apartment, show room or even garden? At EVANGEL you can easily navigate to view a wide variety of concepts and ideas in the area of home and interior design. Please email us {info@evangelarchitect.com or evanagel_yeswecan@yahoo.com} for your enquiry..
What service do
• Landscape, building & commercial design
• Home, Apartment, office decoration
• Lighting & Interior Design
• Space Planning, design and decorating
• Bank or corporate office decoration
• Showroom and event stall design
• Helping you to imagine outside of the box.
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